The Company

Altus was founded in 1989 by Lina and Bob Gottesman with the goal of providing the highest quality services in our industry. Altus’s roots in the restoration business spans three generations beginning with the arrival in America of Lina’s grandfather, an Italian immigrant who took up the trade with his sons, on Long Island in the 1940’s.

Altus, the Greek mythological bird symbolizing excellence, embodies the superior quality of the metal, marble and wood services that Altus provides everyday.

Working closely with architectural and property management professionals on all projects enable Altus to achieve superior aesthetics. Contractors, metal fabricators and real estate professionals recognize our masterful results, reliable service and appreciate our honest competitive pricing.

Our commitment to excellence shows in our emphasis on quality by our apprenticeship approach, and the importance we give to internal skills development and safety training; an essential component of our success. However, we take the most pride in adding the value of endurance to our property owner’s long term assets.